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Innotech Services Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, subcontractors and the general public and to the continuous improvement and development of our Safety and Health policies and procedures.


At Innotech, we recognise that our most valuable resources are our employees and associates and accordingly it is imperative that we have sound policies and procedures in place that ensure their Safety and Health while at work. To this end, we have established and implemented a comprehensive organisational Safety and Health program that seeks to create awareness, assess risks, analyse hazards and promote safe work practises.


Our Safety and Health program is compliant with the Safety and Health at Work Act, 2005 and was produced as a user friendly, functional document for all our employees, providing guidelines for day to day construction activities. It encompasses a wide range of safety issues including rights and responsibilities, training, safety procedures, accident reporting and communication.


Safety and Health is promoted in the workplace through consultation and involvement with our employees and enforced through orientation and recurrency training, safety committees and best practises and procedures. This participation and commitment at all levels of the organisation has allowed us to consistently improve our safety record to the benefit of all our employees and associates.


Safety and Health is paramount at Innotech Services Ltd and we are proud of our record and accomplishments in developing a culture of safety within the working environment.