Innotech Services Limited Celebrates 20 Years

Directors - bdssnr

October 2012 - 2012 marks an important milestone year at Innotech Services Ltd, the month of September being the 20th Anniversary of the company.

Twenty years ago this month, Innotech Services Ltd was registered & incorporated and began offering services to the construction industry, providing painting and other ancillary services. With ambition, enthusiasm and determined to make the new business venture a success, the founding principles had no idea just how successful their entrepreneurial venture would become. Today two decades later, the company is a leading building contractor with a wealth of experience in Barbados and across the region, having successfully executed numerous landmark projects.

Professionalism and quality workmanship are the cornerstones of our companies ethos and our objective is the same with every project “to exceed our clients' expectations and deliver exceptional quality projects that meet the highest international standards”, in doing so, we have created the strongest brand in the Industry, synonymous for integrity, quality and performance.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we maintain our commitment to the growth of the company within the region, through our continued investment in state of the art equipment, information technology and human capital development whilst staying true to our core principles and driven by a passion to build world class infrastructure.

At Innotech Services Ltd., excellence is not just a word, it’s our way of life.