The Lodge School - Progress - January 2015

January 2015 - Pavilion

The handover of the pavilion will be done shortly as the final light fittings are being installed at present. The telephone and electrical face plates are to be installed shortly as well.

The soil has been spread for the external landscaping and grass will be planted within the next two weeks.

An additional concrete sink has been added as well as a concrete practice pitch for cricket. Fencing to be installed to the perimeter and centre of the pitch.

Block K

Block K is at a very advanced stage. We have handed over to the client 75% of the first floor which houses the library, guidance counsellor, book room and book shop and the school has started to occupy these areas. We are still in the process of completing the staining, sealing and touch up painting to the attic stair case. This will be completed by the 23rd of January and will also be handed over to the school for them to occupy.

On the ground floor we have handed over approximately 75% of this floor which includes the Secretary treasurer's office, general office area, board room, filing room, and 2 kitchenettes.

We are in the last stages of finishing the installation of the hood over the cooking area in the canteen, painting and cleaning. This will also be completed by the 23rd of January and will be handed over for occupation as well.

The external landscaping to this building is well advanced with all soil in place and the planting of grass and shrubs are to be done in conjunction with the pavilion.

New Auditorium

The foundation for the new Auditorium has been excavated to rock, cleaned and marked out.