Gunsite . Barbados


Gillespie & Steel


Pioneer Investments Inc

Time Period

15 months



Gunsite is a 32 unit condominium Innotech led construction development, totalling nearly 45,000 square feet of floor area, within 16 two storey buildings set neatly within a gated community, constructed by Innotech. Designed by Gillespie & Steel, this development is situated on the bluff overlooking the historic Garrison and its environs and it was built in 2001. The site includes a community swimming pool and change facility and offers exceptional views from the South coast right down to the Hilton hotel. At the time the design was based on an inclusive type of living and it is situated on a 5 acre site approximately 4 miles from Bridgetown. The project was successfully completed in 15 months by Innotech.